Jackson Hose Company #3

Jackson Hose Company #3

Jackson Hose Company No. 3, best known today as “Home of the Green Hornet,” has always been a company full of dedicated men, and grounded in tradition. As years passed since the company was organized on September 10, 1880, under twenty-one charter members, Jackson Hose has always remained a brotherhood of brave men committed to fighting fires and saving lives.


The original quarters of Jackson Hose was the Bell Tower on Jackson Avenue, until they moved to the lower floor of Nyack Village Hall. Their first apparatus, known as the “Old Giraffe,” was a relic of the old New York Volunteer Fire Department. But Jackson Hose members liked to call it “Old Hickory.” Unfortunately, in 1909, a treacherous fire at Nyack Village Hall destroyed “Old Hickory.” This fire led them to move again in 1910 to Park Street Station. Later on, the company got a 1957American LaFrance Truck. In January of 1969 Jackson Hose moved one last time to their current quarters on Catherine Street. Keeping up with tradition, they chose to get a 1984 Hahn in green, their iconic company color.


Tradition has always been an important thing to Jackson Hose. One tradition they have always kept was company fundraisers. Minstrel shows were held in the early 1900’s to raise money. Now, and for over fifty years, the company runs a Turkey Raffle, selling tickets for a prize value of a Thanksgiving dinner.


There have been several honorable men in the department over the years who have held the Chief position. These include, Augustus J. Gross, 1889-1893, Mathews Evers Jr., 1906-1911, Ralph Smith, 1927-1929, George Knieriem, 1953-1955, Andrew Kolb III, 1977-1979, Jack Kalstad, 1995-1997. Today Vince Reid holds the Deputy Chief position.


The company had other brave members, Ray McBrien received the Exceptional Merit Award in 1968 for rescuing Dr. Thornburg Clark from a fire at his office above the old A&P store on Broadway. Steven “Zac”Anderson rescued a Carlos Lyon at a fire on North Broadway in June of 1984. Peter Sinnott is recognized at each Firemen’s Memorial as one who died in the line of duty. Edward O’Grady Jr., also a Nyack Police Officer, was killed during the 1984 Brink’s Robbery.


Jackson Hose has always enjoyed the grandeur of parades. In 1883 the company purchased a decorative parade carriage. Jackson Hose has won an award called the “Cup,” at the 1974 and 1976 Chief Inspection parades. This award is granted to the best overall Nyack Fire Department Company. In 1980 Jackson Hose hosted the Rockland County Volunteer Firemen’s Association convention and parade, but this job did not come without slight controversy and solidarity. After the Board of Commissioners denied the company’s request to recognize its 100th anniversary by leading the parade, the members boycotted the march and only driver Andrew Kolb III and flag bearer John Bergin Jr. participated wearing green Berets as a sign of pride and unity.


In February 2005 the company celebrated its most important feat, its 125th anniversary with a black tie affair at the Nyack Grande that’s how Jackson Hose Company No. 3 members always do, with style, dignity, honor and brotherhood unity.

Jackson Hose Company #3

Catherine Street

Nyack NY 10960

(845) 358-9768


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