Fire Patrol Inc.


On January 25, 1915, The Nyack Fire Patrol was organized, as a Fire Police and Special Police unit.

On March 21, 1916 the Company was incorporated, during 1916 several members took salvage training with

New York Fire Patrol # 1 and #5 where they became proficient in salvage operations.

In 1918 the Patrol’s first truck was purchased. It was a 1 ton “Vim”.

In 1924 a “Larrabbe” was purchased, it carried salvage covers, Fire Police Equipment and was later fitted with the first flood lighting equipment in the Nyack Fire Department.

On March 9, 1927, The Nyack Fire Patrol, Inc became the eighth company of the Nyack Fire Department.

In the early 1930’s first aid and rescue was added to Patrol’s duties. Rescue equipment as well as a 14 foot boat with an outboard motor on a trailer was added to the inventory.

In 1933 the Company purchased a “Diamond T”. This truck was specially designed and built for the work of Patrol that included rescue salvage as well as police duty.

In 1948 a new “international” apparatus replaced the “Diamond T”. It carried a 5,000 watt generator, approximately twenty five salvage covers, rescue and first aid equipment.

In 1968 an GMC with a Young Rescue Body was purchased, It had a 15,000 watt generator, piped oxygen, special flood lighting, a small sink with running water, and a stainless steel interior. In addition to the salvage covers, first aid gear, and rescue equipment. The Jaws of Life and air bags were added as well as high angle rescue equipment.

In 1970 a 16ft. Boston Whaler with a 60 horse outboard motor replaced the 14 ft. aluminum outboard.

In 1989 a 23ft. “Mako” replaced the Whaler and is still in service today. It is equipped with a 500gpm pump with can supply hand lines and or the “Deck Gun” mounted on the bow. We have been able to supply pumpers on the TZ Bridge with water.

In 1990 a “Saulisbury Rescue Truck” was put into service and continues to serve today. It carries equipment for all types of Rescue, fuel spills, fire fighting, and anything in between.

Nyack Fire Patrol has had 6 Members work their way through the ranks to Department Chief; they are:

Raymond Frae 1943 – 1945
Lynn Clapper 1955 – 1957
Walter Petry 1969 – 1971
James Clark 1989 – 1991
Theodore Ryder 2001 – 2003
James Scully 2007 – 2009
Department Surgeons
with the rank of Honorary Deputy Chief:

Dr. E. Hall Kline 1931 – 1951
Dr. Bryant Rooney 1951 – 1964
Department Chaplain with the rank of Honorary Deputy Chief:

Merle Blauvelt 1960 – 1988

New York State “Fireman of the Year”

Donald Price in 1965; for his efforts in rescuing 2 children from a house fire.


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The NFD needs more volunteer firefighters.It is an excellent way to serve, and give back to your community. Being a volunteer firefighter is a very rewarding and gratifying experience, it takes time and dedication. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort become a volunteer today!


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