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On October 5th 1991, Chelsea Hook and Ladder Co. No. 2 celebrated its 100th anniversary year with a parade through Nyack. As many may remember, as the members of Chelsea stepped off in Upper Nyack, the skies opened up with a deluge of epic proportions. We proudly marched, for this was a real wet-down for our next 100 years of service.


In April of 1991 Timothy McDonald was the ninth member from Chelsea to be elected Chief of the Nyack Fire Department, his second time in this position, and is the only member in the history of the Nyack Fire Department to do so. He served until 1993.


In 1994 a serious fire broke out on the sixth floor of Nyack Hospital. Battalion Chief Jay Phillips saved a female patient’s life, and was the third member of Chelsea to be awarded the Rockland County Firemen’s Association Fireman of the Year award.


In 1997 Jay Phillips became the tenth member of Chelsea Hook &Ladder to be elected Chief of the Department.


We saw the delivery of our present truck, a 1999 Pierce 100′ tractor drawn aerial tiller (10-99), in February 1999. It was placed into service Sept. 12th 1999 by Captain Harry Williams. Our old truck, the 1978 American La France went to Colorado, and served more time there.


A wet-down took place for our new truck, and all celebrated joyfully with much pride. At 60 feet long, it is the longest truck we have ever had, and it can maneuver anywhere in Nyack.


As events unfolded on that fateful day, September 11, 2001, 10-99 responded with other apparatus from Rockland County, as a Mutual Aid Assignment, to stage at the Westchester Fire Training Center. We stood prepared for any alarm there, or to be called to the Towers at the World Trade Center, and the Chelsea crew and truck, stayed in Westchester County until late that evening. Our truck State number is known as 44-T-107, which would be used as identification in a State or National emergency.

Central Fire Station, Chelsea’s home from 1910 until 1969 was razed in 2005 to make way for a new firehouse on Park Street. Commissioner J. Lovaglio Jr., Captain Tom Mulcahy of Chelsea and a few members of Jackson Fire Eng. Co. No. 3 cut pieces of the original concrete floor where Chelsea’s 1903 horse drawn tiller ladder truck rested for many years and took them to our existing quarters on Catherine St. to preserve them for future Chelsea members.

Over the past twenty five years, the trucks we so proudly maintain and use have taken top honors, such as first and second place ladder, and best overall apparatus, in the many parades the Company has attended in Rockland and Westchester Counties. Marching trophies have also been awarded to the members of Chelsea, from the county conventions, and annual parades we attended in Ossining, N.Y. The painstaking work performed on these trucks to ready them for the competition of parades and inspections is done with pride, led by the Captains and Lieutenants.
Since Chelsea moved into the firehouse on Catherine St. in 1969, the Company has remodeled our recreation room twice; once in 1972, and a second update and remodel in 2011. The recreation room, known as the back room, was completed just hours before the Chief’s Election in April. Our kitchen was also remodeled at that time. The Company’s quarters are now complete for the members to enjoy with well earned pride.
Chelsea member Jim Petriello became the Company’s eleventh Chief of the Department to be elected in our meeting room in April 2011, but only after several years of hard work by then Commissioner Lovaglio and several other members to amend the Department’s by-laws concerning the boundaries where the Chief may reside. After adoption by the membership, Jim Petriello, following his election as Battalion Chief in 2007, became the first member ever to live outside the boundaries of the fire district while holding that office.

The Company has celebrated quite a few members reaching the fifty year mark, and has celebrated member, Amiel D’Auria’s seventy years of service which was in July of 2012. He was honored as the Grand Marshall in Chief Petriello’s Inspection Parade on October 6th 2012.
As a company, we are going to become 125 years old on July 3rd 2016, and will continue to serve with pride and dedication, as we have since July 3rd  1891.6:10 PM 2/4/2015


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