Nyack Joint Fire District

The District maintains 6 fire stations housing 8 fire apparatus, 1 marine unit, & the high angle rescue team.

The District is administrated by 5 publicly elected commissioners, also volunteers, who oversee the annual budget, including apparatus maintenance, fire station maintenance, firefighting equipment purchase & maintenance, as well as OSHA & NFPA compliance.

The following are the current commissioners serving on the board:

Chairman James B. Hartwick
Vice Chairman Ted Ryder
Homer Wanamaker
John Phillips
Peter Wortendyke
The box below contains the files of the Standard Operating Guidelines for the Nyack Fire Department and Nyack Joint Fire District. (2011 revision)

They are available for our members perusal.
All members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with them.

Any questions regarding the revised SOG’s should be directed to the Chief.